I do not think I have made it clear that, although I am a born and bred Baltimore girl, I am going back to Richmond for my second year of school in my major of fashion design. I go back at the end of this week—so yea. It is hard going to school out of state. I feel as though I have to give up so many things every time I leave each place. I might add, however, that it is completely worth it too. You get a change of pace, scenery, and perspective. And for me, it is worth paying extra to escape graduating high school only to go to an extended high school with the same faces, same town, and basically same person you were in high school. But some people are all for that, and that is also fine.

Anyways, I am starting to pack. And this kind of packing is different than it was for freshman year because now I have an apartment! So almost all of my room is coming with me this time. I am starting to feel all of the feels seeing my room gradually disappearing.

I look at my family and friends like I will never see them again—even though I will and I am just a dramatic one. The one creature, however, that I am not overreacting about missing is my blonde beauty, my universe center, my Pebblekins, my puppy, Pebbles.IMG_1878IMG_2208IMG_1929IMG_2207

How does one leave this behind? It is a skill I have yet to master, nor do I care to. She is my best friend and never-failing clown. She is a pure bred Cairn Terrier, basically a blonde Toto(from the Wizard of Oz). She is incredibly athletic and will chase any tennis ball thrown for her until she drops. A lot of Cairns usually look more stout, but Pebbles has a leaner look to her, I always thought she looked more fox-like. Which only leads me to love her that much more because I have an obsession with Fennec Foxes, and Pebbles is that in a dog to me. While not the softest fur, Cairns have a utilitarian double coat that is waterproof and allows them to be harder to attack. Although she has bonded with my family as a “pack dog”, Cairns are notoriously independent and stubborn, to which Pebbles has also conformed. This dog is my drug because no matter what happens, with her, it doesn’t matter, life is good. And once again, I will miss her so much!!!


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