As Marylanders, my friends and I are certainly familiar with the DC area. I have taken many educational field trips, my mother commutes to DC almost everyday, and I pass DC every time I move to and from my university. Aside from my home town being Baltimore, DC is the closest option for a major world-wide city—and Baltimore is only somewhat in that realm!  But for this occasion, we chose to take a fun day in DC.

So my friends Nick and Kara and I caught the train and rode down and it took surprisingly no time at all. We knew we wanted to see the National Gallery since our last experience was in junior year of high school.

Nicky was the only one who went for some sort of color, so he got all the colorful backdrops. A flamingo probably is his spirit animal when you get down to it!


Then, without even knowing where we were going next, we decided on the Hirshhorn Museum. None of us had been there before so it was a fresh experience.

I was trying to work with Kara’s bw color scheme while minding my own grey and black scheme.
This wall looked so good desaturated


And in the end, aside from missing the last train and dealing with a variety of taxi service apps, it was a great day!


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